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Quick Pool Refresher

A quick review of the “Dos and Don’ts"

Quick Details

Who Should Take These Courses/Prerequisites

Any certified diver may participate in any course.

All students must complete a Medical Statement before participating in any course. Should any of the medical history items noted on the Statement apply to you, you will need to consult with a physician, who will provide written permission, before participating in scuba diving.

Quick Pool Refresher
Diver Ages 12+

Get back into diving with our Refresher Course in Turks and Caicos!

Join us for an afternoon Quick Pool Refresher. If you are a certified diver, haven’t been diving in a couple of years, or are a little apprehensive, the refresher will enhance your vacation dive experience.

A quick review of the “Dos and Don’ts and essential water skills in the pool is generally enough for most divers who have not dived in a year or 2 to enhance their comfort level and relax underwater.

Inclusions and Itineraries