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Trip Insurance


We highly recommend you purchase either the Travel SE Plan or the Travel LX Plan with our trusted insurance provider, IMGlobal®.

Both plans include Emergency Medical Evacuations coverage. However, only the Travel LX Plan includes a “Cancel for Any Reason” benefit.

Click here to download a pdf of the Plan Comparisons.

Important: Once you have made your first arrangement for a trip, that date becomes the initial trip deposit date. You must purchase your plan within 20 days of making that initial trip deposit if the coverage is to be in effect.

The Emergency Medical Evacuations coverage kicks in if you become sick and require immediate treatment at a medical facility. This coverage can provide the following benefits for covered events:

  • Transportation to the nearest suitable medical facility
  • Transportation to return minors home if their guardian is hospitalized
  • Transportation to return home once the patient is fit the fly
  • Transportation to fly someone to the patient if they are hospitalized for 3 days & traveling alone

We also encourage all divers to have Dan Master Insurance Plans.