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Retail Shop

The Dive Provo retail shop is located approximately 20 minutes away from Provo International Airport in The Saltmills Plaza, Units 5/6 on Grace Bay Road. It’s about a 5 to 10-minute van ride away from most of our Grace Bay area lodging partners.

The shop is well stocked with brand-name snorkeling gear at competitive prices, swimsuits, rash guards, and light neoprene for cooler weather. Sundries such as Reef-Safe sunscreen are on hand, as well as plentiful Dive Provo T-shirts and hats!

Come and shop in air-conditioned comfort! The shop is open daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Call us at 649-946-5040.

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Dive Gear Rental for Boat Dives

BCD  ~  ScubaPro Regulator  ~  Wet suit  ~  Dive Computer ~  Mask/Snorkel ~  Fins

Any single item: $10.00
Any two items: $18.00
Any three or more items: $25.00

Snorkeling Gear

Mask and snorkel: $18.00
Fins: $18.00
Mask, snorkel, and fins: $22.00
Snorkel vest: $12.00
Snorkel vest, mask, snorkel, and fins: $30.00
Prescription mask rental: $22.00 (includes snorkel if needed)
Prescription mask, snorkel, and fins: $28.00

  • Dive gear rental is only available for use on our boat dives.  Rental for independent diving is not available.
  • All rentals are for 24 hours.
  • We add a 12% Watersports tax to all rates.
  • Gear is readily available in a wide variety of sizes. We do not require advanced reservations for gear. However, it is helpful to be informed of your size requirements ahead of time.