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Open Water Referral Courses

Quick Details

Who Should Take These Courses/Prerequisites

Minimum age 12 (special arrangements available for 10 & 11-year-olds)

The course is offered to anyone who has completed the academics and confined water skills with their local instructor and been issued a Referral Form.

NOTE: If it has been more than six months since the completion of your referral course, you must complete a Refresher course before participating in the Open Water Referral Course.

All students must complete a Medical Statement before participating in any course. Should any of the medical history items noted on the Statement apply to you, you will need to consult with a physician, who will provide written permission, before participating in scuba diving.

Open Water Diver Referral/Completion
Diver Ages 12+
Youth Diver Ages 10 or 11
Premium Open Water Referral/Completion
Diver Ages 12+
Youth Diver Ages 10 or 11

Complete Your Open Water Certification with Dive Provo in Turks and Caicos!

Start your scuba instruction certification course at home with a local dive shop. You will do the academics with them in a classroom setting or utilizing E-Learning online, and will learn all the required skills in their swimming pool. Your instructor will give you a Referral Form showing you have successfully completed all the skills. You can then complete your four open-water training dives in Provo’s warm, clear waters.

If you are completing PADI or SSI training, your Dive Provo instructor will issue the certification. If you are completing dives for any other certifying agency (NAUI, SDI/TDI) we refer you back to your original instructor who will issue the certification.

If you have certified family or friends diving, you will be on the same boat. You, however, will be doing skills with your instructor and must stay with him/her. After completing the skills, there is still plenty of time to enjoy a dive and the scenery.


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