Boat Dive Packages

These boat dive packages are for Certified Open Water divers or above, who have dived within the last year.

Refresher: $225.00 USDBook Now

Certified and a little rusty or nervous and want to purchase boat dive packages, but don’t feel the need to take a full course? Then join us for a Refresher. This class consists of a brief lecture going over basic Do’s and Don’ts followed by a short  pool session practicing the most critical skills such as mask clearing and regulator retrieval. The Lecture/Pool session runs from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm. The following morning you will review the dive plan and use of the dive computer and participate in a supervised 2 tank dive including gear. Available most days.

2 Tank Dive: $139.00 USD plus tax Book Now

The 2 tank dive is the building block for our dive packages. Book at least 2 days of 2 tank diving and the rates will be discounted.  You can book as many days of 2 tank dives as you want.


Multi-Day Boat Dive Packages Book Now

The schedule of diving options at Dive Provo is flexible, extensive and varied. All of the areas around Provo including Grace Bay, Northwest Point, West Caicos, French Cay, Pine Cay and Sandbore Channel, have numerous dive sites and their own special appeal.

Multi-day boat dive packages range from two days of 2-tank diving through to ten days of 2-tank diving. The more dive days you pre-book, the larger the discount off the 2-tank dive rate.

When booking we ask that you please bear this in mind:

These boat dive packages are for Certified Open Water divers or above, who have dived within the last year or participated in a refresher course and are comfortable in the water. Please contact us prior to making the booking if you have any concerns regarding your diving.

We go diving at 8:00 am for morning 2-tank dives. You are on vacation and may not want to get up early every day. We want you to come diving with us, but we don’t want you to regret not giving yourself a lay-day. So consider allowing yourself at least one morning off to sleep in or enjoy another Provo experience.

Return times vary. From Grace Bay dives you can expect to be back at the dock by about 1:00 pm, From Northwest Point and French Cay between 1:45 and 2:30 pm. From West Caicos it could be between 2:30 and 3:30 pm. The time it takes to do a 2 tank dive will depend on how many people are on the boat and how quickly they get in and out of the water.

We try to rotate divers diving multiple days around the various dive areas. Due to who is booked and what the weather is doing we do not know where you will be diving the following day until generally the afternoon before. Areas chosen are based on who is diving, where they have already been, and on the weather. There is no “best” dive; best is based on personal preference and on the day; it’s all good and every dive is different.

Weather is unpredictable so sometimes things will change in the morning too. During winter months we often cannot dive Grace Bay so you could be returning from diving every day at 2:30 pm. If you are planning other excursions during winter months it is probably a good idea to plan them for days you are not diving.

creatures and vistas of divers purchasing boat dive packagesAll the diving is wall diving and due to the depths we require the use of a dive computer. We recommend a maximum depth of 100 ft and bottom time of an hour on each dive, and all dives are no decompression dives. Navigation is easy along the edge of the wall and we make it easier by placing a marker at the top of the wall where you turn back to the boat. You are free to explore with your buddy at your own pace.

Expect to see tropical reef fish, different corals and interesting creatures. We see sharks on most dives. They are wild animals and we are in their space, be polite, keep your distance and they will keep theirs. Visit our Provo dive sites page to learn more about the different dive profiles.

For more information on what to expect on your dive experience with Dive Provo please visit our boat diving page.

Dive Package Rates Walk In Rates
Now – 12/21/2018
Pre-Booked Discounted Rates
01/06/2018 – 12/21/2018
2 days/2 tank package $274.00 USD $254.00 USD Book Now
3 days/2 tank package $396.00 USD $366.00 USD Book Now
4 days/2 tank package $512.00 USD $472.00 USD Book Now
5 days/2 tank package $620.00 USD $570.00 USD Book Now
6 days/2 tank package $702.00 USD $642.00 USD Book Now
7 days/2 tank package $798.00 USD $742.00 USD Book Now
8 days/2 tank package $904.00 USD $840.00 USD Book Now
9 days/2 tank package $1017.00 USD $945.00 USD Book Now
10 days/2 tank package $1120.00 USD $1040.00 USD Book Now
Nitrox Upgrade $10.00 USD Per Tank
  • Reservations must be made 72 hours or more prior to diving to qualify for the discounted (pre-booked) rate.
  • All the diving is wall diving and due to the depths we require the use of a dive computer.
  • 12% tax will be added to all rates for dives.
  • No services charges have been applied. Tipping for good service is customary and expected on island.
  • All boat dive packages are for two tank boat dives.
  • Boat dive packages are per person and based on one or more days of diving.
  • Tanks and weights included. Gear rental is additional.
  • Additional boat dive packages are available for longer stays.
  • Diving days need not be consecutive.
  • Cancellation penalties may apply. Click here for our policies.
  • Travel insurance recommended.


3 Tank Scuba Safari Book Now

Walk-In and Pre-booked Rate: $189.00 USD plus tax

For the more adventurous diver. Usually scheduled for Wednesdays, we try to dive sites we don’t normally visit on the 2 tank trip. Weather permitting we will head off towards Molasses Reef, Sandbore Channel or South West Reef. We include 1 tank of Nitrox so divers can spend as long as possible exploring. Not Nitrox certified? Don’t worry our staff will give a quick introduction into it’s use and benefits. Expect to be out until about 5:00 pm. If the weather is a little windy then we may well do moored sites but will do our best to use sites you haven’t already dived. Lunch and refreshments included. (Divers doing this trip should have dived recently and be comfortable in the water. Not for Junior certified divers.)

This dive can also be added to a 3 day 2-Tank boat dive packages for $59.00 USD. Please contact us for details on how to book this add-on.


1 Tank Dive

Afternoon Dive Rate: $70.00 USD plus tax
The single tank dives go out in the afternoons with pick up between 2:00 and 2:45 pm depending on the return of the morning boat. Dives are always in Grace Bay which is the closest dive area with only a 15 minute boat ride. If you have limited time, are worried about seasickness or just want to take it easy then this dive is a good option.

Under the boat you will find 25 – 30 ft of water and beautiful spur and groove coral formations. The wall drops off in 2 steps here and we dive the inner step. You will find a sandy bottom in about 110 ft. With lots of overhangs this is a great area for fish hide and seek.

Afternoon single tank boat dives can be booked once you are on island.




Save Time at Registration by completing your Diving Liability Release online in advance of check in!
Dive Provo is a member of DAN, and we encourage all divers to have Dan Master Insurance Plans