Turks & Caicos FAQ’s

tcnewLocated 575 miles southeast of Miami, the Turks & Caicos Islands are a British Commonwealth Colony that were first populated by the Lucayan or Arawak Indians. Columbus claimed the islands for the Spanish in 1492. In 1670, Spain ceded the islands to Britain. The islands were a dependency of the Bahamas until 1874 when control was assumed by the Jamaican government. In 1962 they became a British Commonwealth Colony, now referred to as British Overseas territory.

The islands are self-governing, with British diplomatic representation provided by a resident Governor. The seat of government and the Governor’s mansion are based in the country’s capital, Grand Turk.

Providenciales (otherwise known as Provo) is 37.5 square miles and is the most developed of the Turks and Caicos Islands, with a variety of resorts to choose from, excellent restaurants, good shopping and modern amenities. The ambience of the island is laid back and friendly and the beaches and waters remain unspoiled.

Airline Access to Provo

Air service varies depending on the time of year.

From the US: American Airlines offers Boeing 737-800 jet service non-stop from Miami (flying time is about 75 minutes) two to three time daily (depending on the season), once a day from New York/JFK airport in high season and weekends only in low season. Saturday direct from Dallas Fort Worth, Texas and Boston also operate during high season.

JetBlue Airways has commenced flights to Provo from New York and Boston.

jetblueThe daily flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) leaves New York in teh morning and arrives in Provo at lunchtime.  Flights leave Provo early afternoon and arrive in New York early evening.  The Boston flight  operates on Saturday’s in high season.

Continental Airlines is  also offering daily nonstop flights between Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Provo.  This flight also leaves in the morning arriving in Provo at lunchtime and returns early afternoon arriving in Newark early evening.

deltaFrom Canada: Air Canada flies once daily from Toronto to Provo and WestJet/Transat each Friday from Montreal and three times weekly from Toronto. A new flight from Halifax is planned for this high season.

From the UK: British Airways provides service every Sunday from London’s Gatwick Airport. The service includes a stop in Antigua in both directions. As of 29 October, 2015 a Thursday flight will be added to the rotation.

From the Bahamas: Bahamas Air flies daily from Nassau.

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Provo Travel Information

Entry Requirements: All visitors to Provo must have a valid passport as well as an onward or return airline ticket.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time with Daylight Savings Time.

Currency: The U.S. dollar is the official currency.

Credit Cards Accepted by Dive Provo

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Tipping: Tipping is customary and expected on island. At Dive Provo the tips are shared equally amongst the staff. They all work hard to ensure you have the best possible time. They not only guide you on dives, but are your bus driver, your boat captain, your tank filler and mechanic, luggage valet and gear cleaners. The shop staff try to schedule your trips to accommodate your wishes and to give you as much variety as possible. Their day starts long before your first cup of coffee and ends after your cocktail hour.

We recommend you tip as you would in a restaurant, 10-15% and more if you feel it is warranted. Please also let us know if anyone on staff did not meet your expectations.

Electricity: 115 volts/60 cycles; same as the U.S.

Medical Facility/Recompression Chamber: In case of medical problems on vacation there is a government hospital, staffed 24 hours, and also private health centers with doctors on call around the clock. An operational recompression chamber is located at the Menzies Medical Centre.

Vehicle Rental: Cars and scooters are for rent with 4WD being a favorite. Drive on the left side of the road. A valid driver’s license in necessary. Grace Bay Car Rentals is the largest independently owned car rental company on the island with the most affordable rates. It is located in the heart of Grace Bay a couple of minutes from the Dive Provo shop. Avis and Hertz are also located close to Dive Provo, along with Tropical Auto Rental and Provo Rent a Car.

Credit Cards: MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted in hotels and larger business establishments. Cash is recommended in smaller businesses. Currently, due to US regulations, many companies are unable to accept American Express.

ATM: There are several ATMs in Grace Bay, one at the IGA supermarket and at the banks.

Climate: With little rainfall, sunny days are almost always guaranteed. The island’s climate helps make it a haven for many species of tropical birds, flowers and wildlife found in their natural habitats including trails, beaches and unique sand dunes.

Air & Water Temperature Averages:

Air Temp Water Temp
Jan 75-78°F 24-26°C 75-77°F 24-25°C
Feb 75-78°F 24-26°C 75-77°F 24-25°C
Mar 75-78°F 24-26°C 75-77°F 24-25°C
Apr 78-85°F 26-29°C 77-80°F 25-27°C
May 78-85°F 26-29°C 77-80°F 25-27°C
Jun 90-96°F 32-36°C 82-86°F 28-30°C
Jul 90-96°F 32-36°C 82-86°F 28-30°C
Aug 90-96°F 32-36°C 82-86°F 28-30°C
Sep 85-90°F 29-32°C 77-81°F 25-27°C
Oct 85-90°F 29-32°C 77-81°F 25-27°C
Nov 85-90°F 29-32°C 77-81°F 25-27°C
Dec 75-78°F 24-26°C 75-77°F 24-25°C

beachBeaches: Provo has some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. The beaches are uncrowded expanses of fine off-white sand. The 14 mile expanse of beach along Grace Bay is frequently compared to the beauty of 7 mile beach on Grand Cayman. The surrounding water is the most exquisite shade of turquoise blue to be found anywhere in the world.

Natives: A small population of warm and friendly people invite tourists to share their tropical island paradise. Provo remains essentially as it was when Columbus arrived in 1492 — enchanting, alluring and with a natural island charm and beauty all its own.