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September 21 2018          
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Terms & Conditions


Boat diving packages are for Certified Open Water divers or above, who have dived within the last year or participated in a refresher course and are comfortable in the water. Please contact us prior to making a booking if you have any concerns regarding your diving qualifications.


Advance booking prices apply for reservations made 73 hours or more prior to arrival. An additional charge will be applied if your reservation is made within 72 hours of arrival.

No online reservations are accepted within 48 hours of arrival.

Full payment for your boat diving package and/or dive course is due at the time of reservation.

A service charge has not been included in your diving package and/or course price. Tipping is customary and expected on island. At Dive Provo the tips are shared amongst the staff. We recommend you tip as you would in a restaurant, 10-15% and more if you feel it is warranted.

Your payment confirms your booking as requested. We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.

Questions or concerns about your reservation, payment or cancellation status please contact Clare Jardine at (649) 946-5040 or email

Click here to view the cancellation policy.

PLEASE ENSURE WE HAVE YOUR PROVO HOTEL INFORMATION: Please be sure to provide us with this information in advance, so that we can schedule for your 8:00 am transport to the dive shop.  

TO ENTER THE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS: All visitors to Provo must present a valid passport and onward or return flight ticket before entering the country. No visas are necessary except from countries of the former Eastern Bloc. You are advised to contact the nearest British Consulate Office for visa applications.

INSURANCE: We are not responsible for compensating or crediting any traveler for any loss incurred due to delays or cancellations. Trip interruption/cancellation insurance is your only protection.  We highly recommend you purchase either Deluxe or Elite coverage from our trusted provider via this secure link: We also encourage all divers to have Dan Master Insurance Plans.  

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