Provo Restaurants

78Upstairs — An old resident of Ports of Call with a new name. Sip a coctail or enjoy standard foods with an unusual twist. Try the Thai chicken sandwich or jerk chicken pizza in a casual open air setting. Great food at a reasonable price!

Jimmy’s Dive Bar — A long time favourite for lunch with good music to rev up your Happy Hour. A happening late night bar, not open for breakfast, but often still open at beakfast time. Located in Ports of Call.

79Caicos Cafe — Open air Caribbean dining with Italian flair.  Always a Provo favourite when French owned, the new owners have made it their own, and very well.  You could eat here every night as the menu changes based on availability of fresh ingredients.

Also in Caicos Cafe Plaza try Julian’s Deli for great sandwiches or Caicos Bakery for French treats.  Be sure to shop here during the daytime as they are closed in the evening.



Fresh — Located just across the street from Royal West Indies this delicatessen style cafe is run by Romanians and offers European style pastries and coffee.

New to Grace Bay is the Regent Village where you can go international with Thai and Indian restaurants.

Somewhere on the Beach — After snorkeling at The Bight Reef, drop into Somewhere on the Beach for a tasty tex-mex treat. Located at Coral Gardens Resort, this beachside restaurant also has an upstairs deck perfect for catching the breeze and sipping cocktails while watching the sunset over Grace Bay.

Flamingos — AKA Ricky’s bar on the beach just past Club Med serves inexpensive food, cold beer, and is a “hot number” on sundays with live music and a great local vibe.

81Hemingways — Open air at The Sands on Grace Bay. Friendly staff combined with good food and THE best spot for sunset make this restaurant a big winner.

Mango Reef — Located at the top of the dunes at the Alexandra Resort, this restaurant offers great value and an eclectic menu with an asian influence. You could eat here every evening and not get bored with the food or the view.



Turtle Cove Area

Sharkbite — In the heart of Turtle Cove on the water this kid-friendly bar and restaurant is popular for lunch, casual dinners, happy hour and live music on Friday evenings.

Baci — Italian restaurant on the water offers good food, good atmosphere and wonderful pizza, to stay or go.

 Tiki Hut — A casual waterside eatery is always a hit. Reasonable prices, large portions and a great location.

83Blue Hills Area

There are numerous conch shacks and small restaurants in this area.

“Da Conch Shack” makes probably the freshest conch salad on the island, and you can supervise the process from picking the conch to cleaning and preparation for serving in a plastic bowl. Da Conch Shack does conch any way you like it, and some other basic island fare. Enjoy a beautiful place to sit and have a cold drink while enjoying this Caribbean delicacy and good company.

84Horse-Eyed Jacks — also on the beach in Blue Hills serves good local food in a great setting.  This place changes from laid back to wild on their monthly full moon parties.

3 Queens bar and restaurant — Great food and a true locals hangout. Not the place for peace and quiet if there is a dominoes game on the go!

Ask the staff for advice on where to go. Restaurants have “specials” nights and there is always competition for the best “Happy Hour” deal.